LLC "Mulino" wheat flour has the highest and first grade in polypropylene bags of 50 kg, and wheat bran, 25 kg. All raw materials undergo strict quality control laboratory. Product quality is monitored at all stages of production, which ensures consistent high quality of the entire batch of finished products.

Premium quality

Wheat flour, produced by LLC "Mulino", has a strong gluten and smoothed particle size distribution and good baking properties. Products made her have a good volume and a fine-developed porosity. Flour from the "Mulino" - light, thin, white with a cream shade, with rubbing it between your fingers do not feel the grains. It is equally suitable for home baking, and for large-scale production of bread.

Type - 1

First grade flour, which produces LLC "Mulino" - soft to the touch, finely ground, white. Flour first class has a fairly high gluten content, which makes the dough elastic of her, and finished products - a good shape, large size, sweet taste and aroma.


LLC "Mulino" also offers wheat bran. This is a natural product obtained by grinding wheat, consisting of seeds and fruit of the shells and adhering to them from the inside of the seed mealy substance. Bran are high in protein, fat and mineral salts in comparison with the grains from which they are extracted. However, they contain a lot of fiber in them falling to the lot of so-called nitrogen-free compounds. Extensive use of bran is found in agriculture, as accessory food, well digested ruminants.